Academic Retreat for Teachers

Summer 2023


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The Academic Retreat for Teachers gives teachers, administrators, and board members a chance to rekindle their passion for learning while exploring the foundations of Catholic education with colleagues from around the country.

The Institute’s Director of Advanced Formation, Dr. Andrew Seeley, will lead the Retreat. Dr. Seeley has over three decades of experience in leading engaging discussions.

The Retreat is not a workshop, though participants do benefit greatly from conversations about each other’s experiences. Rather, it gives participants the opportunity to taste Truth as it is found throughout the typical Catholic liberal education curriculum – in Language, History, Mathematics, Science, Literature, Music, and Theology. Discuss the emotional conclusion of the Iliad, Pericles and Lincoln’s stirring funeral orations, the trial of Socrates, Augustine’s dramatic conversion story, the elegance of Euclid’s geometry, Descartes’ rejection of classical education, and much more. Small group discussions led by master teachers will foster encounters with the great traditions and with fellow participants.

The Academic Retreat is intended for those Catholic educators who want to ponder the depth and breadth of a curriculum alive with Catholic wisdom and experience the joy of a vibrant Catholic learning community.

Space is limited and the retreat often sells out.

SCHEDULE: The program usually begins on a Thursday afternoon and concludes with lunch on a Sunday in late July.


  • Member School Rate: $745.00
  • Non-Member School Rate: $795.00

Registration includes all program sessions and materials, meals, and housing. If you have dietary restrictions for health reasons, please let us know what they are in the comment section of the registration form.

N.B. All housing will be double occupancy unless specially requested. Please express your special request in the comment section of the registration form or contact us at We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The Academic Retreat for Teachers can be customized and brought on site for an entire faculty. Contact Dr. Seeley at for more details.

What Past Participants Say

“The experience in the classroom was most beneficial. I learned a lot from the work, which rekindled a desire to read more, but also from the attitude of the discussion leaders. I saw clearly their goal was not for us to come to a particular understanding, primarily, but to learn how to discover the truth – the process.”

"I loved the evening discussion on the patio. It was a very fulfilling experience mixing intellect, beauty, nature, and relaxing in good company."

"Discussion with fellow educators in between discussions was really beneficial. It kept us focused on classical education and how it might play out in our school setting. It also made us feel like a true community of learners who support one another."

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