Church Documents

Spectata Fides
Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII on Catholic Education, 1885

Acerbo Nimis
Encyclical of Pope Pius X on Teaching Christian Doctrine, 1905

Divini Illius Magistri
Encyclical of Pope Pius XI on Christian Education, 1929

Provido Sane Consilio
On Better Care for Catechetical Teaching, Catechetical Office of the Holy See, 1935

Gravissimum Educationis
Decree on Christian Education, Second Vatican Council, 1965

The Catholic School
Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1977

Catechesi Tradendae
Apostolic Exhortation of Pope John Paul II, 1979

Lay Catholics in Schools: Witness to Faith
Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1982

The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School 
Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1988

Ex Corde Ecclesiae
Apostolic Constitution of Pope John Paul II on Catholic Universities, 1990

General Directory for Catechesis
Sacred Congregation for the Clergy, 1997

The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millennium
Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education, 1997

Mission of Catholic Schools for Evangelization Today
Cardinal Zenon Grocholewski – Prefect, Congregation for Catholic Education, 2002

Faith, Reason, and the University
Regensberg Lecture of Pope Benedict XVI, 2006

Address to Catholic Educators
Apostolic Journey to the United States of America, Pope Benedict XVI, 2008

Address to Participants in the Plenary Session of the Congregation for Catholic Education 
Pope Francis, 2014