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“I’m more and more convinced that the work of the Institute is poised to play a critical role in revitalizing and renewing Catholic education in our country.”

Bishop James D. Conley
Lincoln, Nebraska

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Valedictorians Reveal Their Schools

Valedictorians Reveal Their Schools

One should expect to learn a lot about a school through the quality of its valedictory addresses. What do its best ...

ICLE Staff

Bringing the True, Good, and Beautiful into Math Class

Bringing the True, Good, and Beautiful into Math Class

When the Institute offers workshops on classical education or the Catholic intellectual tradition, math teachers ...

Dr. Andrew Seeley

Beyond Multiple Choice — Thought, Language, and Assessment

Beyond Multiple Choice — Thought, Language, and Assessment

When Edward and Michelle Trudeau’s daughter, Anya, enrolled in St. Jerome Academy’s sixth grade after years of ...

Elisabeth Sullivan

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A Rollicking Good Tale: Teaching History as Story

Of the classes I can recall from high school, among the most tedious was sophomore history. History class with Mr. ...

Christopher Zehnder

Learning is Natural — Early Education

Jessie Van Hecke, a graduate of Thomas Aquinas College and a Kindergarten and First Grade teacher at St. Augustine ...

ICLE Staff

The Need for Both Faith and Reason in the Practice of Science

How should a Catholic think about the scientific discoveries, theories and uses that almost dominate contemporary ...

Paul Keough

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“I am greatly encouraged by the renewal underway in Catholic education and am grateful to the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education for its efforts to support it. The Institute’s work to form school leaders and teachers has borne much fruit, including in my own Archdiocese. I am happy to see the growth occurring in movements of renewal that embrace the Church’s mission to form disciples and to teach the liberal arts.”

– Most Reverend Samuel J. Aquila, Archbishop of Denver