The Fr. James V. Schall Society

for the Advancement of Liberal Learning

Fr. Schall accepting the Rabboni Award from ICLE Vice President, Chris Weir, on January 28, 2019.

“To know the truth of things is its own distinct pleasure. Voluntarily to deprive ourselves of it, to be prevented from knowing it by our system of education or philosophic presuppositions results in a sadness and boredom of soul. As Aristotle said, even our earliest training and education should be in an atmosphere of good habits and wonder so that, when older, we easily recognize what is true and what is not. Education does not begin (or end) in college. It can only be continued there. It begins in language, in grammar, in logic, and music, in stories, poems, dramas, and histories that we must learn early or we will likely not learn at all. Much corruption of soul begins in what is or is not taught to us in our earliest years. We must examine what is taught at the earliest beginnings as well as what is still to be learned at the post-graduate level and beyond.”

Fr. James V. Schall, S.J.
on the occasion of his acceptance of the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education’s Second Annual Rabboni Award

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