ICLE Consultants

Dr. Alyssan Barnes

Dr. Alyssan Barnes teaches formal rhetoric, AP English, and moral philosophy at a classical high school in Waco, Texas. She is the author of two high school textbooks: Rhetoric Alive: Principles of Persuasion and Rhetoric Alive: Senior Thesis Student Workbook. She currently teaches a graduate course on the trivium for the new master’s program in classical ed at the University of Dallas, and she also serves as an Alcuin Fellow for the Society for Classical Learning.

Kathleen Dalton

Kathleen Dalton has spent her entire adult life as an educator. She has taught multiple grades ranging from kindergarten through eighth grades for 16 years in diocesan parochial schools. Her passion for education and the formation of children in the midst of a rapidly changing culture caused her to undergo a journey of discovery through prayer, study and her own ongoing formation on the big questions of life and culture. She has embraced the philosophy of Catholic Liberal education as the premiere model of bringing young minds to eternal truth. She holds an undergraduate degree in Education from Viterbo University, La Crosse, WI and a Masters Degree in Catholic Leadership from St. Louis University. Currently Kathleen happily teaches fifth grade at Regina Angelorum Academy in Philadelphia, PA. She assists the administration of her school through ongoing teacher formation in mimetic lessons and is a consultant with the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education.

Danny Flynn

Danny Flynn came to St Jerome Academy in 2010. He taught the 8th grade humanities core for 6 years. He has served as the Principal for the last 4 years. He holds a BA from Franciscan University and an MSE from Trinity University. He is happily married and the father of 13.

Erin Heule

Erin Heule was ushered into the world of Catholic liberal education upon accepting her first teaching position at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School in Denver, Colorado. Though not liberally educated herself, Erin quickly fell in love with this true pedagogical heritage of the Church. Erin developed her passion for great books, mimetic teaching, and rhetoric by completing the CiRCE Institute’s three-year Apprenticeship Program in 2019. This coming year, Erin looks forward to serving as an educational consultant for ICLE as she steps back from in-class teaching to be home with her soon-to-be three young children.  

Becky Reits

Becky Reits has dedicated the last 31 years as a teacher and administrator working to improve Catholic education in two Michigan dioceses.  Throughout these years, she has been on a quest to develop, instruct, and oversee the most authentically Catholic approach to teaching and learning for all the souls entrusted to her care.  Her search led to St. Jerome Classical Academy in Hyattsville, MD in March of 2018 where she experienced the goodness, truth, and beauty that a Catholic Liberal Arts Education offers, ultimately forming students into people of character, wisdom, and virtue.  Since that defining visit, she continues to pursue wisdom and knowledge, rooted in the great philosophers and writers of Western thought and is inspired to share what she learns with all who are open to such a treasure of the Catholic Tradition.