Catholic Classical Schools Conference Free Video & Audio Collection

Christ Among the Pagans (2017)
Dr. Brian Phillips – Headmaster, CiRCE Academy;
Director, CiRCE Consulting

To Train a Child Up 

Deacon Brad Watkins – Headmaster, St. Thomas More Academy

Un-Educating the Educated (2016)
Dale Ahlquist – President, American Chesterton Society; Co-Founder, Chesterton Academy 

Reading Literature to Reveal Reality

Laura Berquist – Director, Mother of Divine Grace Catholic Distance Education Program

Classical Education from a Fire Hose (2015)
Brian Phillips – Headmaster, CiRCE Academy;
Director, CiRCE Consulting

Furnishing the Mind: Connecting Language and Truth 
Andrew Pudewa – Director, Institute for Excellence in Writing

Truth, Freedom, and the Promises of STEM (2017)
Edward Trudeau – Director of Cyber Security, Distributed Information Technologies, Inc. 

Spreading the Word: Implementing a Classical Liberal Arts Program Throughout a Diocese (2016)
Mark Salisbury – Superintendent, Diocese of Marquette, MI
If I Teach With the Tongue of the Angelic Doctor but Have Not Love, I am a Noisy Moralizer or a Clanging Apologist
Dr. Jake Noland – Supervising Instructor, St. Thomas More Academy
In Search of the Whole Child (2015)
Dr. Arthur Hippler – Providence Academy

The Piety of Children, the Knowledge of Theologians: Catholic Education at the Lyceum
Luke Macik (2015)

The Liberal Arts in Hell: Dante’s Warnings to Classical Educators
Brian Phillips (2015)

Better Catholic Education is Better Education: Reflections on the St. Jerome Educational Plan
Dr. Michael Hanby (2014)

Welcoming Remarks
Dr. Andrew Seeley (2013)

Implementing The Classical Curriculum 
Mary Pat Donoghue & Colleen Richards (2013)

Closing Remarks
Dr. Andrew Seeley (2013)

Reform & Renewal: Restoring Our Catholic Intellectual Tradition
Mary Pat Donoghue (2015)

Not Extra-Curricular: The Place of Music and Drama in a Classical School
Dr. Andrew Seeley (2015)

The Sacred Liturgy: The Hands on Approach to Classical Catholic Education
Rev. Michael Lee (2015)

Reflections on the Catholic Classical Schools Movement
Dr. Andrew Seeley (2014)

Creating Order In A Chaotic World
Dr. Kevin Roberts (2013)

The Wilderness Shall Rejoice: Building Enrollment Where There Is No Demand
David Stiennon (2013)