PictureIn the early days of television, Venerable Fulton Sheen mastered the great power of the new medium to evangelize, inform, and inspire millions of Catholics and non-Catholics. Today, Bishop Robert Barron has done the same for the internet-powered information age. His Excellency is a master of the blog, podcast, and DVD, as well as the homily, article, and essay, which touch old and young, parents, teachers, and students. His Word on Fire website shows that he has mastered the art of making all these excellent resources accessible to those who need them. [restrict]

WordonFire.org allows one to search through its treasuries in varieties of ways–-by topic, media form, Scripture verse, liturgical season, category, key word, and many more. Want to learn more about the letter to the Hebrews? How about sharing Bishop Barron’s reflections on the latest controversial movie? Having difficulty explaining celibacy or conscience or homosexuality? Looking to form a faith formation study group? Or perhaps you just want to browse through it all? WordonFire.org makes it easy.

Catholic schools are at the forefront of the New Evangelization. Well-formed teachers make for excellent Catholic schools that live and breathe Catholic faith and life. WordonFire.org can help those who want to make this happen.

[Word on Fire has graciously allowed us to offer a 20% discount code — ICLE20 — on everything in their store, as well as a special $50 discount on Catholicism: The Pivotal Players — Pivotal50.] [/restrict]