I have many reasons for wanting to recommend the monthly magazine,MagnificatMagnificat is a powerful tool for connecting any Catholic community with the liturgical and spiritual rhythms of the life of the Church. At over 400 pages each month, Magnificat features the complete readings for each Sunday, weekday and feast day Mass; daily reflections on the Gospel from the church’s greatest minds past and present; and a fresh take on the lives of the saints.[restrict]

I particularly love how easy Magnificat makes participation in the universal prayer of the Church, the Liturgy of the Hours. Faculty can go through its shortened version of Morning Prayer in about 10 minutes before school begins.

I particularly want to recommend its monthly section on sacred art. Each issue concludes with a discussion—and quality reproduction—of a masterpiece of sacred art. These essays are a perfect introduction into the meditation that Renata Grzan recommends in her article. This essay dwells on Maurice Denis’s fresco, “Pentecost”.

Magnificat is lavishly printed, visually stunning, easy-to-read, and pocket-sized. Faculty members will love using it for individual spiritual growth as well as common prayer.[/restrict]