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Thanks to the generosity of author Ryan S. Topping and his publisher, Angelico Press, ICLE Member Schools are free to reprint the first chapter of his book, The Case for Catholic Education, “The Crisis of Catholic Education: A History with a Lesson.” Member Schools are asked simply to include the following citation: 

“This excerpt is taken from The Case for Catholic Education: Why Parents, Teachers, and Politicians Should Reclaim the Principles of Catholic Pedagogy by Ryan N.S. Topping (Angelico Press, 2015). Thanks to Angelico Press and the author for giving permission.”

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ICLE Member Schools are free to use the first 1:33 seconds of our promotional video (below) for insertion in their own. Contact us at office@catholicliberaleducation.org for more info.

April 2021 Member School Town Hall Meeting:
Classic Learning Test,
Simple Planning for Vibrant Teacher Formation,
and Announcements

Special Guest:
Ashley Brashear
Associate Director of Secondary School Partnerships

Classic Learning Test

February 2021 Member School Town Hall Meeting:
Hiring and Retaining

Sample Teacher Evaluation Form

We are pleased to share with you the Institute’s first Inspiration for Catholic Schools Week publication! Catholic education is a gift to families, parents and students, leading souls to Christ.  It is leaven in society, bringing truth, beauty, and goodness into the public square.  It is needed now more than ever.

At the urging of Catholic school Superintendents, we collected activities from our Member Schools for celebrating this mission deeply.  This is a week to fully be what we are: communities of love and learning, with Jesus Christ and His Church at the center of all.

Enjoy the attached publication, and please spread it far and wide!  Thanks be to God that your daily work, attention, and care is going out to benefit many others in this beautiful work of Catholic education.

December 2020 Member School Town Hall Meeting:
Teaching Patriotism

September 2020 Member School Town Hall Meeting

Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to share the entire Town Hall Meeting from September 29.  In this video you will hear Holy Innocents School principal Cyril Cruz share stories and guidance in this work of supporting parents as the primary educators of their children. 


February 2020 Member School Town Hall Meeting

September 2019 Member School Town Hall Meeting

April 2019 Member School Town Hall Meeting

February 2019 Town Hall Meeting –
New & Transitioning Schools

February 2019 Town Hall Meeting –
Experienced Schools