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Holy Family Classical School seeks a highly qualified classroom teacher for a Second Grade classroom for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Holy Family Classical School is a Catholic classical liberal arts PK-8 school under the auspices of the Diocese of Tulsa and Eastern Oklahoma. Founded by Saint Katharine Drexel 120 years ago, Holy Family Classical School provides an exceptional Catholic and classical education in the spirit of our saintly foundress. St. Katharine’s mission continues today, strongly supported by the unwavering commitment of Bishop David Konderla.

Located in the heart of downtown Tulsa amidst one of the nation’s highest concentrations of art deco architecture, Holy Family Classical School is just minutes away from the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, the Philbrook Museum of Art, Cherry Street, the Gathering Place, and the Gilcrease Museum. Within a very short drive in most directions, members of our community can be equally immersed in nature as in art. Many neighborhoods within minutes of the Classical School are marked by extraordinary beauty, by urban, suburban, and even striking natural vistas.

Our thriving diocesan community is supported by our highly engaged and beloved Bishop David Konderla. The Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture serves as a resource for all diocesan teachers and leaders, while Our Lady of Clear Creek Abbey supports the people of the diocese through their witness of dedicated prayer and work.

As the faculty of the Bishop’s school, teachers at Holy Family Classical School lead the feet of their students to wonder at truth, goodness, and beauty. We educate for happiness rooted in virtue, understanding that in the order of nature and grace these are mirrored perfectly in our Lord Jesus Christ, who alone makes possible an authentically liberal education.

Every teacher at Holy Family Classical School is called above all to discipleship and missionary activity in the classroom and community by both personal witness and teaching. As members of the faculty, teachers are called to prayer, collegial friendship, and self-gift through their work.


·  fidelity to the Magisterium in thought, word, and deed;

·  familiarity with classical educational methods and/or openness to learning about and implementing the same;

·  bachelor’s degree in a subject-area related to the position for which you apply;

·  certification or openness to certification in the area in which you will teach;

·  practicing Catholic joyfully striving to live according to Christ’s words, “Metanoeite!” (Mt 3:2), “Love one another” (Jn 13:34), and “keep my commands” (Jn 14:15).

Dedication to Catholic and classical culture:

·  support the full mission of Holy Family Classical School by word and witness;

·  help cultivate a culture of virtue and holiness in the classroom and the community;

·  as a minister of the Catholic Church, give witness to the full mission of the school in all aspects of professional and personal life;

·  take an active role in contributing to a Christocentric, classical community.

Instructional Proficiency:

·  capability of teaching well in multiple subject-areas while collaborating with colleagues;

·  ability to adapt teaching methods to a wide variety of students and circumstances;

·  effective planning skills and collaboration with administration and parents;

·  competency in teaching, pedagogical methods, and classroom management;

·  flexibility and adaptability in the classroom and in extensions of the classroom.

Classroom Management:

·  understand, appreciate, and implement positive discipline in the context of virtue-ethics;

·  maintain positive self-image and positive regard for students in word and deed;

·  create a disciplined, organized, safe, open, and joyous learning environment.

Interpersonal Relationships:

·  work cooperatively and effectively with the administration and staff;

·  interact with students in a joyful, respectful, friendly, and just manner;

·  create and maintain positive and collaborative relationships with parents;

·  keep parents informed regarding student progress;

·  establish and maintain regular communication with parents and guardians.

Professional Responsibilities and Growth:

·  maintain professionalism in appearance, grooming, words, manners, and actions;

·  handle confidential situations, discipline, and/or sensitive information discreetly;

·  seek professional growth opportunities in consultation with the school’s headmaster;

·  interpret school programs and policies to the local community in a positive manner;

·  maintain punctual and full attendance for all required professional days and events;

·  maintain diocesan VIRTUS/CYP certification (ongoing throughout each year);

·  fulfill responsibilities as assigned in the spirit of the school’s Catholic, classical mission.


Please email cover letter, CV, and a list of three references (two professional, one personal, clearly indicated) directly to the Headmaster of Holy Family Classical School, Dr. Brown, at marcel.brown@myhfcs.org, with a cc to the Assistant Headmistress, Mrs. Trish Spoerl at trish.spoerl@myhfcs.org.

To apply for this job email your details to marcel.brown@myhfcs.org