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Cardinal Kung Academy, Stamford, CT
Cardinal Kung Academy opened in 2018 and is a classical school serving grades
7-12. Cardinal Kung Academy is unique in the Bridgeport Diocese due
to its classical curriculum and university model schedule. The school is
governed by a Board of Directors with the assistance and supervision of
the Superintendent of Schools of the Bridgeport Diocese.

Cardinal Kung Academy, Stamford, CT
Cardinal Kung Academy opened in 2018 and is a classical school serving grades
7-12. Cardinal Kung Academy is unique in the Bridgeport Diocese due
to its classical curriculum and university model schedule. The school is
governed by a Board of Directors with the assistance and supervision of
the Superintendent of Schools of the Bridgeport Diocese.
The school is named after Ignatius Cardinal Kung Pin-Mei, a Chinese priest
who spent 30 years in prison in communist China, much of it in solitary
confinement, because he would not renounce his allegiance to the Roman
Catholic Church. He was chosen for his example of steadfast loyalty to Jesus
Christ and the authority of the Pope, as well as his connection to the local area.
Cardinal Kung’s motto “neither sword nor fire can take away my faith in God”
remains relevant today.

The mission of Cardinal Kung Academy is to support parents in their role as
primary educators of their children by providing a rigorous Catholic classical
high school education at a reasonable cost.
While the immediate goal of the school is to prepare students for college, the
larger mission is to form them for a robustly intellectual and spiritual Catholic
life rooted in joy with the ultimate goal of eternal beatitude with God in
The curriculum is integrated; students read original classical texts and hold
discussions in seminar-style classes where appropriate. History and Literature
are read chronologically and in complement with other disciplines, such
as Theology, Latin, music, art and drama, of that academic year. Rigorous
conventional science and math classes round out the curriculum.
Any and all students seeking a Catholic classical education, who are capable
of doing the work, should have access to that formation, regardless of
financial means. To this end, the Board of Directors is committed to keeping
tuition at affordable levels and to devoting fundraising efforts to provide
scholarships to families of limited means allowing access to the type of
education provided by the school.

Job Description
The Principal of Cardinal Kung Academy serves as the school’s academic,
spiritual and administrative leader in accordance with the mission,
philosophy and by-laws established by the Board of Directors and the Office
of the Superintendent. The Principal is an employee of the Board and is
charged with carrying out the school’s strategic plan within the budget and
policy parameters established by the Board. The Principal attends Board
meetings as an ex officio member. The Principal is also expected to assist with
marketing and fundraising efforts.
Duties and Responsibilities
Academic Leadership
Working in partnership with the Board of Directors, the academic priority
of the Principal of Cardinal Kung Academy is to recruit, motivate, and
retain an excellent teaching staff. The goal of academic excellence requires
the Principal to collaboratively direct all members of the school staff and
communicate effectively with parents.
The Principal oversees classroom management and lesson plans by setting
specified standards for individual areas of study, holding regular faculty
meetings, guiding teachers in selecting appropriate texts that complement
other course offerings, encouraging ideas for program improvement,
defining performance standards and evaluating faculty against those
standards, establishing reasonable faculty workloads, working with teachers
to calibrate homework levels, and coordinating substitute teachers. The
Principal is also responsible for curriculum implementation within the
guidelines set by the Board.
Spiritual Leadership
The Principal must be fully committed to the spiritual formation of students
to assist them in their desire for eternal salvation. The Principal will facilitate
student participation in the sacraments in collaboration with the school’s
chaplain, assist the school’s chaplain in scheduling weekly school Masses,
coordinate student and faculty retreats, and encourage the spiritual and
professional growth of the faculty.

Administrative Leadership
Working with the administrative staff, the Principal is responsible for: the
supervision of teachers, meeting with all incoming students and parents,
arranging open houses, ensuring students receive guidance counseling,
establishing and implementing fair but firm discipline procedures, handling
questions and grievances of the faculty and parent body in a balanced and
professional manner, maintaining a culture of open communication with
parents, students and faculty, ensuring the safety of buildings and equipment
including arranging for fire, police and health department inspections,
coordinating needed repairs, scheduling cleaning, and implementing
emergency procedures and drills.
Marketing and Fundraising
In order to assist with marketing the school and raising needed funds, the
Principal is expected to arrange open houses and special event activities,
attend all school functions including fundraisers, prepare or assist with grant
application preparation, and develop relationships with heads of other
private Catholic schools, especially K through 8th grade institutions.
The Principal will assist in creating a vision for the school and in developing
and implementing the strategic plan; will embrace and advance the
distinctive character of the school as a Catholic, classical school; and will work
to implement marketing strategies and enhance enrollment.

Desired Qualities
The ideal candidate will:
• Be a practicing Catholic who considers the job of Principal a vocation
• Be comfortable signing a Profession of Faith and an Oath of Fidelity to
the Magisterium
• Have at least a Master’s degree in a related field
• Have training and experience in school administration
• Have teaching experience
• Be familiar with classical curriculum and methods
• Have excellent oral and written communication skills
• Be able to discipline with charity and fairness
• Have an entrepreneurial spirit
• Be hard-working, decisive, inspirational and able to lead by example
• Appreciate the start-up status of the school and be willing to take on any
needed jobs
• Have experience with fundraising
• Understand fiscal management
• Be an avid reader

Interested candidates should submit the following materials electronically as
separate documents (preferably as PDF files):
• Formal cover letter expressing interest in the position and aligning
your skills and experiences with the leadership needs of Cardinal Kung
Academy, as stipulated above.
• Current resume with all appropriate dates included
• Brief statement of educational or leadership philosophy and practice
• List of at least five references with name, title, phone number and email
address of each (references will not be contacted until a serious mutual
interest is established and not without the candidate’s permission).
Deadline for Application: December 30, 2020
Note: We reserve the right to shorten the deadline for applications if we have
sufficient interest. Please apply early to ensure your background will be
For consideration, please email resume to:
Brent Morton
Vice President Catholic Recruiter Associates
Only those selected for an interview with the search committee will be contacted.

To apply for this job email your details to brent@catholicrecruiter.com