High School Teachers – Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee – Bbrookfield, WI 


Teachers sought in: Latin, History, Math, Theology, and Philosophy

About Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee
Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee is a member of the Chesterton Schools Network.
The network schools are part of an educational movement reintroducing the classical, Catholic liberal arts tradition. At Chesterton Academy, faith is understood not as one subject among many, but as the essential truth from which all academic disciplines flow and derive their meaning. An integrated classical education richly benefits students. It enhances retention, the love of learning, and facilitates multi-disciplinary connections. Students learn to think deeply and communicate logically and persuasively. The greatest benefit of classical education, however, is that it teaches students how to live. It forms students to embrace the true, the good and the beautiful in “crafting their own life,” as St. John Paul II says, “to make of it a work of art, a masterpiece.”

Oath of Fidelity
Teachers are required to be a Catholic in good standing and take an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium.

Teachers are an essential part of the mission of Chesterton Academy. Teachers are spokespersons for the school with students, parents and the community. With the belief that the faith is caught and taught with every subject matter, a sense of excellence and teamwork is desired. Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee is a network school with a licensed curriculum, providing a syllabus, and testing materials. Care is to be taken that the syllabus is followed week by week in order to maintain curriculum integration. However, teachers as content experts may recommend course additions or deletions to the Headmaster. Teachers are expected to be competent not merely in their general field, but in the specific material taught in the course. Continual learning and improving is encouraged to make the most effective teaching possible. Teachers are expected to consult early and often with the Headmaster and their colleagues where instructional issues arise. All students’ work is to be graded and entered on the school’s online system in a timely manner. Teachers are to give regular, meaningful feedback to students on their work. In addition to teaching, teachers are required to consistently enforce all policies found in the Parent-Teacher Handbook as well as perform any academic administrative or club supervision duties as directed by the Headmaster.


We are a classical high school, the ability and desire to teach in a variety of disciplines is considered an asset. We are looking for at least two subjects. Please state the disciplines that you are qualified to teach and any co-curricular sports, clubs or activities that you are competent to coach, supervise or organize.


Interested parties may forward a resume to:
Bonnie Zamorski at bzamorski@chestertonmke.org.
Or Chesterton Academy of Milwaukee, P.O. Box 1686, Brookfield, WI 53008-1686.