Several times a year, the Institute hosts a “School Leaders Forum” at a flagship school that has been steeped in Catholic liberal education for some time so that educators from around the country can see what the Church’s vision of education looks like in practice. Our most recent offering was our first ever “High School Leaders Forum,” held at St. Thomas More Academy in Raleigh, NC. The next offering is at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School in Denver, CO, November 8-10. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding our 2019 offerings.

High School Leaders Forum
September 20-22, 2018
St. Thomas More Academy – Raleigh, NC

The Institute for Catholic Liberal Education’s first ever “High School Leaders Forum” was hosted by St. Thomas More Academy in Raleigh, NC. Participants had the opportunity to visit classes in session and talk with faculty members and students about their experience in a Catholic classical liberal arts high school. After a day of observation, participants attended seminars and workshops led by STMA faculty and Institute staff on topics such as curriculum development, Catholic classical liberal arts approaches in the classroom, recruitment and evaluation of teachers, student formation, and college admissions. The full program can be found below. 

“I cannot even begin to capture how profoundly I was affected by the experience at St. Thomas More Academy. Being immersed in the school and spending time with faculty, students, and colleagues provided me with so many enriching insights and left me inspired and deeply grateful for who you are as Catholics and educators and for what you have been able to pass along to me. You all did such a wonderful job of putting on a meaningful and valuable forum, and of taking care of us while visiting Raleigh. Thank you!!”

“I thought the conference did an excellent job dealing with the very practical as well as the philosophical, and both are necessary for high school administrators to engage in.”

“I really enjoyed talking with Deacon Watkins and Mr. Noland about the “joys and burdens” of school leadership. It was helpful to hear them share about STMA and the challenges they face. I also found Saturday’s sessions to be immensely helpful. I wish we had had more time to give each topic the attention it deserved! Seeing the documents and scheduling logistics helped me come up with concrete ideas and suggestions I can bring back to my school.”

“The opportunities to share and learn from and with colleagues was invaluable.  The labour of love that has gone into building STMA from it’s infancy to where they stand today has clearly been a laborious effort built on love, charity, prayer, and sacrifice.  To that end I am extraordinarily grateful that I have had the  opportunity to sit in on classes and engage in dialogue with the teachers and colleagues whose wisdom helped to build such a work that reflects the glory of God in this world so beautifully. The standard of virtue exemplified by both the staff and student body was truly inspiring.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have spoken with colleagues from other schools also engaged in this great work.”