Founded in 1991, we are a private independent Catholic classical academy providing students in grades K-12 with a truly outstanding education in Catholic, classical liberal arts in an environment that is conducive to the formation of the whole person. Our purpose is to cultivate wisdom and virtue by nourishing the souls of our students in all that is true, beautiful and good, so that in Christ the student is better able to attain the noble end for which he was created – to know, love, and glorify God both now and forever. All faculty are required to sign an Oath of Fidelity to the Magisterium and Profession of Faith to the Catholic Church. Our faculty and students attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on a daily basis.



We are accepting applications for a Humanities Instructor in our high school. Qualified candidates must possess a minimum of an undergraduate degree and a solid understanding of Catholic Liberal Arts. This individual will be responsible to teach history, literature and composition. Familiarity with the Great Books is desirable. Course work will include Roman or Modern era. Candidates will have the ability to encourage, challenge and engage students. Strong written and verbal communication skills required. Background in Latin is desirable.



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