Position Summary: An ideal candidate will be a faithful practicing Catholic, with knowledge of classical pedagogy, and well-prepared for the responsibility of managing a classroom. Instructional duties include a variety of middle school literature and Latin courses for both full-time and part-time students.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:
▪ Know, observe, and execute the Roles, Relationships, Responsibilities described below consistent with the described Rights, Resources, and Qualifications.
▪ Effectively manage the classroom and successfully execute all teaching assignments.
▪ Prepare lessons to teach effectively, correct assignments in a timely and efficient manner, and maintain excellent communication with parents regarding student personal and academic progress.
▪Maintain classroom facilities, manage curriculum, and keep academic and attendance records as required.
▪ Integrate Jesus Christ, the life of the Church and the organic unity of the Catholic faith into the curriculum and classroom environment.
▪ Attend faculty and administrative meetings as directed.
▪ Attend parent/teacher conferences and after-hour evening and weekend Academy functions as directed.


▪ Strong Catholic faith, willingness to sign an Oath of Fidelity to the Church
▪ Bachelor’s degree
▪ Love of great children’s literature
▪ Reading knowledge of Latin
▪ Strong organizational skills
▪ Desire to run an efficient and orderly classroom
▪ Exceptional written and oral communications skills and strong attention to detail
▪ Skilled in Google Suite and/or Microsoft Office Suite
▪ Strong personal discipline and the ability to work independently, as well as on a team

Strongly Preferred
▪ Willingness to teach for at least three years
▪ 2 or more years of experience teaching or tutoring
▪ Experience with and knowledge of classical education
▪ Strong grasp of history and theology


Send cover letter, resume, three professional references, and salary requirements to Zachary Good, Dean of Faculty and Curriculum:



I. Roles
A. Educator -Provide a model of mature conduct as a man or woman, a Catholic, and a lover of truth, goodness, and beauty as it is embodied in both art and nature.
B. Instructor -Lead your class to a growing mastery of and love for the material you teach.
C. Manager -Carefully and beautifully order the time and space for which you are responsible.
D. Tutor -Work to meet the needs of individuals who have fallen behind or exceed expectations.
E. Learner -Improve your knowledge and mastery both of your subject matter in particular and of liberal education in general through self-disciplined personal study.

A. Student -You are an authority, a source of discipline, and a model of personal conduct. Students expect you to provide instruction, support, leadership, and accountability.
B. Parent -You are a collaborator. Cooperate with the primary educators of children primarily through timely and constructive communication of expectations and the child’s success in meeting them.
C. Colleague -You are a member of a peer group with varying experience and expertise. Be punctual and thorough in fulfilling your responsibilities, courteous of shared resources, and willing to share your wisdom with your colleagues and to learn from them in turn.
D. Employee-You are a valued contributor to a shared mission accountable for fulfillment of your responsibilities. Share your experience and insight for the benefit of the entire academy.

III. Responsibilities
A. Instruction -Effective planning, instruction, and assessment in your assigned courses
B. Accountability -Attendance, grading, enforcement of policies/procedures, care of individual and shared resources, and effective execution of additional responsibilities (lunch/recess duty, overseeing events, preparation for assembly)
C. Integrity -Personal conduct, both on and off campus, reflective of the academy’s mission

IV. Rights
A. General -Your primary right is to be appropriately equipped with the time, space, materials, training, and expectations to fulfill your responsibilities.
B. Particular -You have a right to proper ordering of your relationships with students, parents, colleagues, and administrators. When these rights are violated, you have the right to intervention by the proper authority: Dean of Students (students), the Dean of Faculty (parents and colleagues), and the Headmaster or Pastor (administrators).

V. Resources
A. Space -Any classroom in which you teach and common spaced shared by staff
B. Time -The parameters of the school day and allotted course time
C. Materials -Books, resources, and any assistance needed to fulfill instructional expectations
D. Training -Ongoing professional development both faculty-wide and subject-specific

VI. Qualifications
A. Knowledge -Teachers must be knowledgeable of their subject and of the basic elements of child development and classroom management necessary to provide effective instruction.
B. Affection -Teachers must possess a devotion to their faith, their subject, and to the formation of young people, reflected in dedication of time and desire for growth.