General Summary of Position

The Director of Admissions is responsible for the cycle of enrollment management: developing an outreach admissions campaign to meet enrollment goals, recruiting students, and integrating best practices into the annual activities of the school. The Director is accountable and reports directly to the Headmaster. In this role, the Director maintains a close relationship with the faculty and parent community in support of the school’s mission.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of the Position:

Recruitment and Enrollment
• Increases enrollment through effective communication to target markets and personally following up with families that show interest in enrolling.
• Promotes active involvement of current families to expand networks within and beyond the school community.
• Analyzes the school’s enrollment data to identify areas of need and focus.
• Responds to the directions forwarded by the Headmaster regarding the size and profile desired for the next class as well as overall school size.
• In collaboration with the Headmaster, works with the Director of Development to create all print and non-print material associated with the office and program.
• Coordinates the school’s planned calendar of school enrollment activities/events.
• Provides for campus tours to all prospective families.
• Responds to all phone calls, emails, and letters concerning admissions including pre-admission activities.
• Serves on the Admissions and Retention committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Directors.

• Establishes an admissions calendar for the year in collaboration with administration.
• Provides admissions related schedule (testing, interviews, etc.) for applicants.
• Assists with the establishment of an integrated database and maintain the admissions aspect of the database in conjunction with other school users to maintain integration.
• Maintains applicant database that will integrate with the school database.
• Prepares and manages all application materials.
• Prepares letters to all applicants (admission, waiting list, etc.).
• Prepares all reports concerning admissions status for the Headmaster.
• Oversees the admissions process which may include: financial aid assistance, scholarship applications, course enrollment and any necessary registration paperwork.

Other Tasks Assigned by the Headmaster
• Assists the Headmaster in creating the budget for the Admissions Office.
• Participates in the annual appraisal of the admissions process.

Position Requirements
• Part-Time

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
• Ability to maintain accurate and auditable records
• Proficient in the Microsoft Office suite of application and other technology applications for marketing
• Maintain confidentiality
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Strong organizational and interpersonal skills
• Have a positive attitude and ability to respond quickly and adapt to change
• Ability to work with frequent interruptions
• Ability to work harmoniously with others
• Willing to learn new skills


• Practicing Catholic willing to sign an Oath of Fidelity to all the magisterial teachings of the Church
• Bachelor Degree
• Two years of experience in admissions/recruitment


Send resume to Mr. Adam Dickerson, Headmaster, at