Corpus Christi, a Roman Catholic community of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, is establishing a classical high school in Charleston, South Carolina and looking for a full-time director. The school will open in fall 2021, with the position of director to be filled fall 2020. Prior to school opening, the director will work closely with the Pastor and Advisory Board in hiring faculty; compiling classical, Catholic curriculum; recruiting students; compiling student/family handbook; preparing classroom and administrative space; and fundraising. Once class commences the director will be the acting head of school, responsible for overseeing and managing curriculum; faculty; community relations; and principally the students’ academic experience. The director will be the students’ and parents’ main point of contact and expected to be present for the majority of the school day. The director will also be the face of the school to the community and therefore must display a competent, comfortable, and enthusiastic knowledge of classical education.


The director must be a practicing Catholic with significant experience in secondary education, with a particular knowledge of implementing an integrated, classical curriculum at the high school level. The ideal candidate will possess classroom teaching experience, administrative experience, and specific knowledge and enthusiasm for the classical curriculum.


Applicants should send resume and letter of interest directly to our Pastor, Fr. Patrick Allen:


Additional leadership positions, e.g., principal, headmaster, director of curriculum will be added as needed. The director will be the first leader of the school and will have a role in advising on additional positions needed.