The World History course covers prehistoric time to the Reformation and gives a factual presentation opposed to politically correct revisionist history. Sources provide an awareness and appreciation of the Catholic Church’s contributions to Western Civilization and the world.
The American History course covers the post Civil War era to present day. Students are exposed to the industrial revolution and other events and movements which have impacted our society for good or bad. Patriotism for the value of the American dream is fostered and movements that pose a threat to the common good are put in proper perspective. Our political system is presented and students are urged to involve themselves in their civic duties.


The candidate must be a Catholic who embraces the teachings found in the Magisterium of the Church. He or she should be honored to take an Oath of Fidelity to these teachings. A love for truth, goodness and beauty in the classical tradition is a must. One should desire to form sound character in our students by holding in high esteem those figures in history who have served the common good in heroic ways. Experience is desired but not required. A zeal for souls is. A minimum of an undergraduate degree is the expected norm.


Send resume by email to the attention of Joseph M. Norton, Headmaster. Applications will be sent to eligible candidates, and interviews will follow.


Thank you for your interest in Holy Angels Academy.