St. Mary Catholic School (a parochial school forming pre-K through 8th grade students) is seeking a dynamic, joyfully Catholic principal to lead a strong and experienced faculty and inspire every member of the school in the great adventure of forming saints among us. Our ideal candidate has a mature walk with Jesus Christ, demonstrated administrative and leadership ability, excellent communication skills in all settings, exceptional teaching and teacher training skills, and a thoughtful vision for discipling students and partnering with parents in a school “Focused on Students; Centered in Christ.” 
Moreover, under the direction of the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the ideal candidate has developed a passionate and robust vision for Catholic liberal arts education. Under the direction of the Disciples of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, the ideal candidate has the capacity to adapt to and help craft the vision of the school and with great creativity communicate it to faculty, staff, families, and the wider community so that it becomes alive.


The candidate must be a practicing Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church and have a strong commitment to the importance of Catholic schools in the Church. Other preferred qualities are: Possess a Master’s Degree with a minimum of 20 graduate hours in supervision, curriculum, instruction, or other related fields; have a minimum of five (5)years teaching or administrative experience in Catholic schools; hold a current, valid administrator’s license certificate or become certified by the State of Colorado as a principal.


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St. Mary is a parochial school (pre-K through 8th grade) in the Archdiocese of Denver under the direction of the Disciples of the Hearts 
of Jesus and Mary (DCJM), a religious order originally from Spain, in the service of families, with a charism inspired by St. John Paul II and St. Ignatius of Loyola. Appointed by the Archdiocese of Denver to serve at St. Mary, the DCJM want to share the gifts they have received as a religious order to continue to make more beautiful the work of St. Mary parish and school. 

The mission of St. Mary School is to enter into an educational covenant between teachers, parents, students, and priests: 

• Encourage student’s encounter with Christ, their Creator and Redeemer, and to have an authentic friendship with Him. 

• Impart basic ordered knowledge about the world and its cultures, discovering how the Faith illumines every aspect of reality. 

• Form students in human virtues and the qualities of mind to ordain their desires to live a great and beautiful life. 

• Give glory to God and serve Him, building His Kingdom on earth. 

We accomplish this by: 

• Helping the student discover his path to holiness and accompanying him along this path (through the sacraments and a life of prayer). 

• Forming the moral imagination through noble literature. 

• Fostering a culture marked by the discovery of truth, the practices of goodness, the creation of beauty, steeped with the light of our Catholic faith and tradition. 

• Fostering in the student’s intellectual and aesthetic habits of mind through the beauty of the arts, with an emphasis on academic rigor. 

• Discovering together how the origin of everything is in God and everything finds its “telos” in Him. 


The vision of St. Mary School is to instill in the heart of the student a love of wisdom, wonderment in the nobility and greatness of life, directing his desires to a friendship with Jesus Christ, including: 

-Helping the student, while in awe of all that is true, good, and beautiful, awaken to the world around him and the world within him and flourish in his vocation to holiness, according to his stage in life. 

-Assisting the student in understanding morals and the good life through noble literature, equipping him to answer the great questions of life and to become powerful thinkers and writers at the service of truth. 

-Offering an environment built on virtue, based upon authentic freedom for excellence (love in action, self-discipline, desire for higher goods), surrounded by teachers, faculty, and staff that model virtue and inspire sanctity, and that walk alongside the student to foster spiritual and academic growth and awaken the call to greatness.