Performance expectations for principals of the Diocese of Kalamazoo include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Promotes the Catholic identity and religious dimension of every phase of school life through activities such as
• Ensuring that the purposes of Catholic education – message, community, service, and worship – are continually promoted and lived;
• Creating a positive, Christian learning environment;
• Personally living an active faith life;
• Fostering the faith formation of both students and adults in collaboration with the Diocese of
Kalamazoo’s Office of Schools;
• Collaborating with area pastors to provide spiritual growth and development to students.
is an unparalleled school system formed to develop hearts as well as minds through Gospel
values, character formation, and Catholic faith experiences in an environment that nurtures life-
long learning, commitment, and service to our church and civic community. Today, St. Monica
Catholic School has a student body of nearly 300 children in pre-school through eighth grade.

2. Promotes and supports student growth and development through activities such as
• Utilizing assessment data (ie. NWEA’s Measures of Academic Progress) to diagnose student
• Examining and improving school offerings;
• Monitoring student achievement and attendance;
• Helping students develop a sense of self-worth;
• Fostering educational efforts among parents and teachers.

3. Honors diversity and promotes equality of opportunity through activities such as
• Recruiting qualified and diversified staff;
• Examining and addressing gaps in achievement for different groups of students;
• Fully integrating school programs.

4. Fosters a positive school culture through such activities as
• Assessing and planning improvement of school/community environment;
• Reinforcing excellence;
• Promoting a positive, caring climate for learning;
• Employing effective communication skills.

5. Provides leadership in school improvement efforts through activities such as
• Collaborating in the development and articulation of a common vision of improvement;
• Encouraging appropriate risk taking to achieve positive change;
• Ensuring continuous renewal of curriculum, policies, and methods;
• Maintaining school’s successful accreditation status.

6. Stimulates, focuses, and supports improvement of instruction through activities such as
• Assisting teachers in designing learning experiences for students;
• Using evidence to evaluate and suggest areas for improvements in the design, materials, and
implementation of educational programs;
• Encouraging the development and piloting of innovative instructional programs;
• Facilitating the planning and application of emerging technologies in the classroom.

7. Leads and manages personnel effectively through activities such as
• Delegating appropriately;
• Recognizing exemplary performance of a subordinate;
• Encouraging personal and professional growth and leadership among the staff;
• Complying with applicable personnel policies and rules;
• Securing the necessary personnel resources to meet objectives;
• Evaluating the job performance of subordinates including using Marzano’s iObservation Focused
Teacher Evaluation Model.

8. Manages fiscal plant functions effectively through activities such as
• Compiling reasonable budgets and cost estimates in cooperation with CSGK principals and
finance committee;
• Obtaining broad-based input for fiscal/financial analysis in cooperation with CSGK principals
and finance committee;
• Ensuring that facilities are maintained and upgraded as necessary;
• Managing a broad range of operations (e.g. attendance, accounting, payroll, transportation).

9. Promotes and supports positive student conduct through activities such as
• Developing and communicating guidelines for student conduct;
• Ensuring that rules are uniformly observed;
• Disciplining students for misconduct in an effective and fair manner;
• Promoting collaboration by working with faculty;
• Encouraging student/parent participation.

10. Fosters effective school-community relations through activities such as
• Articulating the school/diocesan mission and student needs to the community;
• Communicating student needs to the community;
• Seeking support for programs;
• Demonstrating effective public relations and development;
• Involving students, parents, and others from the community in serving school programs;
• Involving oneself in community activities that foster rapport between the school and the larger
Parish community.

11. Fosters professional development of school personnel through activities such as
• Participating actively in professional associations;
• Conducting oneself in an ethical and professional manner;
• Staying abreast of professional issues and developments in education;
• Participating in Diocesan school administrators’ meetings and in-services;
• Disseminating ideas and information to other professionals;
• Seeking and using evaluative information for improvement of performance;
• Obtaining Catechist Certification through the Diocese of Kalamazoo.

12. Works in conjunction with Local Advisory Council and CSGK through activities such as
• Meeting each board’s information needs;
• Interacting with the board members in an ethical, sensitive and professional manner;
• Demonstrating competence in written and verbal communications to the board;
• Educating the board about education;
• Recommending policies to enhance teaching and learning.


• Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education, Educational Leadership preferred
• Valid Michigan Teaching Certificate
• Michigan Administrator’s Certificate preferred (or willingness to obtain within 2 years)
• Demonstrated experience in a variety of leadership and management roles
• Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills


Please send the following information to the St. Monica Principal Search Committee:
• Cover Letter and Resume
• Provide a statement regarding your vision of Catholic Education (limit 500 words).
• 3 Professional References (with contact information)
• Letter from your Pastor on Parish letterhead


St. Monica Catholic School, located in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is seeking qualified candidates for a principal. The position begins with the 2019-2020 academic year (starting July 2019). The school is seeking a candidate who is a faith-filled practicing Catholic with a passion for catholic education in the spirit of the school’s mission – “A Mission Ordered towards Reaching Eternal Life.”
Successful candidates will have an understanding of, or be open to, learning about Classical Liberal Arts Education (CLE) in order to work with teachers, parents, Pastor and Superintendent in making recommendations regarding the implementation of a currently utilized pilot program in CLE.

St. Monica Catholic School is part of the Catholic Schools of Greater Kalamazoo (CSGK), which is an unparalleled school system formed to develop hearts as well as minds through Gospel values, character formation, and Catholic faith experiences in an environment that nurtures life-long learning, commitment, and service to our church and civic community. Today, St. Monica Catholic School has a student body of nearly 300 children in pre-school through eighth grade. 

Kalamazoo is a wonderful and vibrant city, located midway between Chicago and Detroit. It is a short distance from Lake Michigan. Kalamazoo is known for its community focus and emphasis on access to quality education at all levels. Kalamazoo provides extensive entertainment and recreational activities, including opportunities to enjoy the outdoors, unique restaurants and shops, and a strong culture supporting the arts.