The Guidance Counselor demonstrates leadership and collaboration with the school administration, faculty, staff and students. The Counselor implements a comprehensive school counseling program that promotes the student’s academic success, personal/social development, spiritual growth, career exploration, and post-secondary endeavors. The Counselor, who must be a practicing Catholic, ensures that the school assists students and provides suggestions to parents, teachers, staff, and administrators in addressing issues involving students require care and supervision. In addition, as member of a “house” within St. John Paul II Catholic High School, serves as a mentor and campus minister to students.

Status: 11 month employee
Reports to: Assistant Principal; works collaboratively with Dean of Students

About St. John Paul II Catholic High School

St. John Paul II Catholic High School is a brand-new college-preparatory, co-ed high school, rooted in Jesus Christ. Opened in August of 2018, this liberal-arts high school offers a four-year philosophy program. Students receive excellent academic training while growing in their ability to think clearly about the ethical and cultural issues of our times. Led by the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia of Nashville, the faculty fosters an environment in which the Catholic faith is vibrant so that students can grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ and will be motivated to take an ever more active role in His Church. Sports programs, service opportunities, daily prayer and a house system fostering growth and a sense of family. Most importantly, Jesus Christ is the center of the school. He calls and we respond to Him.

-Strives to achieve the goals of Catholic education:
-Establishes an atmosphere where students can encounter the living Christ
-Promotes and lives the gospel values and Catholic moral teaching
-Upholds the doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church
-Forms students to have true freedom
Spiritual Growth
-Strives to achieve the philosophy and goals of Catholic education as well as the Mission of the School
-Promotes and upholds Gospel values and Catholic moral teaching
-Provides opportunities for the students to be prepared for life in today’s Church and society
-Works towards the creation of a Catholic community within the classroom, school environment, and the entire school community
-Exemplifies Catholic living both in and out of the school
-Evaluates counseling programs and services
-Establishes department calendar
-Assure that state and diocesan reporting requirements are adhered to
Academic Growth
-Advises and coordinates the course of study for each student to secure appropriate placement and/or meet their graduation and college requirements
-Ensures individual meetings with each student to evaluate his/her academic progress
-Provides guidance to students, parents, and staff on request
-Monitors student’s records for the purpose of developing plans and/or providing information regarding student goals
-Monitors student academic progress and refers students for additional assistance as needed
-Maintains and facilitates communication with students, parents, teachers, and administrators
-Provides a variety of resources for academic growth and development
-Coordinates and/or implements school testing programs
-Interprets and communicates test results for students, parents, and teachers
College and Career
-Provides students with general information regarding college admission
-Coordinates college planning seminars for students and parents
-Provides opportunities for students and parents to meet with college and university representatives
-Communicates to students and parents information regarding financial aid and availability of scholarships
-Communicates to students and parents information regarding educational opportunities beyond the local school community
-Understands and supports the process of discernment for vocations to the priesthood and religious life
-Writes recommendations and prepares documentation for college applications
-Assists students in matching career goals with skills and interests
-Provides opportunities for career exploration
-Guidance and Curriculum
-Collaborates with teachers to present guidance curriculum to students in a classroom setting
-Provides speakers, material and resources for guidance presentations
-Student Personal Growth
-Identifies interpersonal skills that will help students understand and respect self and others
-Advocates for the student with parents and school personnel
-Schedules meetings with individual student to evaluate his/her personal growth and progress
-Coordinates and facilitates parent, student, and teacher conferences
-Provides for personal counseling and referral as needed
-Assists students and parents in developing plans to address behavioral or attendance issues
-Refers students and their parents to community agencies, programs, or specialists as appropriate
-Facilitates any conflicts between interested parties
-Professional Growth
-Continues professional development to remain current with religious and academic certifications
-Keeps informed of current practices through professional reading and educational opportunities
-Demonstrates discipleship as a practicing Catholic
-Participates in professional activities and joins appropriate professional organizations
-Attends Diocesan sponsored in-services and meetings
-Attends and actively participates in school faculty meetings and in-services
-Actively participates in the process of continuous school improvement
-Maintains personal professional development records
-Attends local and National Professional Conferences
-Additional Job Function
-Assist with Crisis Management per assigned duties
-Performs any other job-related tasks deemed necessary and/or assigned by the principal


-Completes Ministry Formation Certification and/or re-certification as required by Diocesan policy
-Completes required Safe Environment -Training and Code of Ethics
-Promotes awareness and adherence to appropriate guidelines regarding confidentiality, the distinction between public and private information and staff consultation
-Recognizes when a student’s condition indicates a clear and imminent danger to the student or others and is knowledgeable on informing the appropriate person/s
-Demonstrates personal self-discipline, is adaptable and flexible in routine and unexpected situations
Uses good judgment in daily encounters
-Uses verbal and written language correctly
-Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of good adolescent psychology
-Maintains appropriate grooming and dress at all times as stated in the faculty Handbook
-Demonstrates knowledge of applicable computer software


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