The Superintendent of Catholic Schools is the chief administrative officer ensuring that Catholic education in the Diocese of Tulsa & Eastern Oklahoma is informed by a holistic and integrated model of formation that is rooted in the Catholic intellectual tradition and animated by an authentic fidelity to Christ and His Church.

The Superintendent is charged with implementing the vision of the Bishop through strategic planning, day-to-day operational support for pastors and principals, compliance with both private and state accrediting bodies, and curriculum design. The Superintendent is a servant-leader dedicated to the flourishing of approximately 4600 students located in nine (9) diocesan elementary schools, one (1) diocesan high school, three (3) private Catholic schools, and six (6) independent Catholic preschools/early childhood centers.

Key Tasks:
• Articulate Catholic teaching with a commitment to its application in the job function
• Implement the vision of the Bishop through strategic planning, accomplishing goals, and anticipating the future needs of our Catholic Schools
• Supervise the design of an academically excellent Christ-centered curriculum and educational system
• Oversee the compliance of all diocesan Catholic schools with pertinent accrediting bodies, i.e., the Oklahoma Conference of Catholic Schools Accrediting Association (“OCCSAA”) and AdvancED
• Ensure the Policies & Guidelines Handbook for Catholic Schools is up to date and in accordance with all governing bodies and best practices
• Oversee compliance with the Policies & Guidelines Handbook for Catholic Schools
• Provide procedures for, and assist with the hiring of, new principals and teachers
• Support the principals by providing guidance and consultation on the day-to-day operations
• Support the Catholic school teachers in their participation in the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ
• Coordinate with Chancellor, as legal, to ensure compliance with all pertinent statutes and regulations
• Coordinate with the Director of Religious Formation to coordinate school and parochial formation
• Coordinate with the President of the Alcuin Institute to manage the ongoing formation for all Catholic school personnel
• Serve on various boards and assist them with best practices concerning Catholic education
• Foster a Catholic culture within the education system through prayer, devotionals, and liturgies
• Review and adhere to all pertinent parochial and diocesan policies
• Execute all other duties as assigned


Key Skills:
• Excellent communications skills
• Superb organizational and planning skills to execute complex events and meetings
• An independent self-starter who is able to work well with colleagues and volunteers
• Proficient in PC or Mac; including Word, Excel, and Outlook

Key Attributes:
• A Catholic in good standing with the Catholic Church
• A missionary disciple dedicated to the Proclamation of the Gospel
• A servant-leader willing to serve others through fidelity and excellence

5-10 years of experience in Catholic Education
Graduate degree


Please send a resume and cover letter to Harrison Garlick, Chancellor & In-House Counsel at