Special Education Coordinator – Our Lady of Lourdes – Denver, CO

Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Classical School is currently seeking qualified applicants for a part-time Special Education Coordinator position, preferably with a background in inclusive education. Ideal candidates will have a desire to educate children according to the teachings of the Catholic Church and a desire to instruct children in the classical model of education. Coordinator responsibilities will be focused on providing support to teachers in integrating inclusive education in the classrooms; creating and managing accommodations and modifications for students in need of curriculum and behavior support; being a communication liaison with school teachers and support staff; assisting with the implementation of the school’s inclusive education plan; coordinating all related services and meetings involving student’s IEP’s and 504 plans; and providing resources for faculty, staff, and families as needed to provide a comprehensive educational environment to students and families.
Applicants must, at a minimum, possess a special education degree, embrace the Catholic mission and the philosophy of the school, share a passion for inclusive education, and have 1-2 years of special education teaching experience. The ideal candidate demonstrates an advanced understanding of instructional strategies for students with developmental disabilities, learning disabilities, and behavioral needs; demonstrates strong skills in communication and partnering with teachers and families; has excellent time-management skills and attention to detail; and appreciates the educational context for bringing truth, beauty, and goodness to any child.
Send resumes to vanderweele@lourdesclassical.org. Review of resumes to begin immediately.