Latin Instructor – St. Peter School – Merchantville, NJ (Greater Philadelphia area)


St. Peter School, in Merchantville (NJ), is searching for a Latin instructor for grades 5-8. The ideal candidate would be a practicing Catholic who first understands the primacy of Catholic identity according to the mind of the Roman Catholic Church. The ideal candidate would have a four year Liberal Arts or Classics degree with evidence of basic proficiency in Latin (evidence of coursework in transcripts, or an endorsement in Latin on one’s teaching certification, etc). The ideal candidate also has experience working with middle school students. Those with philosophy degrees, or other related liberal arts degrees are also encouraged to apply provided one can demonstrate basic proficiency in Latin. Experience is preferred, but those who meet these requirements without experience are encouraged to apply. Those with experience in classical models of education are strongly encouraged to apply.

The responsibilities of the newly appointed instructor would include the development of an intermediate Latin curriculum (grades 5-8) and to collaborate with middle school teachers regarding Latin vocabulary, roots, and grammar conventions. The model currently in place is grammar intensive, but culminates with more translation work and oral demonstration by grade 8. The teacher would also be responsible for teaching traditional Latin prayers, grammar conventions (as they relate to English and Latin), English word derivatives (stemming from Latin roots), and basic aspects of Roman and Catholic culture in history. The position can be part time and flexible focusing only on Latin, or can approximate full-time or be full time in combination with instruction in other subject areas, such as oversight of our online Great Books program, music and drama, and/or religious instruction on certain grade levels.

Interested persons should forward a cover letter and resume which details their credentials. In addition, interested applicants should also express their understanding of the mission of a Catholic school in their cover letter. Cover letters and resumes can be forwarded to the principal:

Mr. Joseph Saffioti, Principal



B.A. Classics or Liberal Education with evidence of course work/proficiency in Latin. The ideal candidate would also have experience teaching or working with middle school students, and also have received their degree from a school well known for its fidelity to the Holy See’s vision of education.



Please send your resume and cover letter, with an expression of your understanding of Catholic education, to the principal:

Mr. Joseph Saffioti

We will follow up with a phone conference and/or in person interview.



St. Peter School is a Prk-8 Roman Catholic school operating under the authority of the Catholic Diocese of Camden, NJ. The school features approximately 300 students and 20 faculty members. The school is located in Merchantville, NJ, in the greater Philadelphia area. Our school prides itself on fidelity to the Holy See’s vision of Catholic education and academic excellence.