Diocese of Lincoln, NE


The Superintendent of Catholic Schools works with the Bishop of Lincoln and Vicar for Education to provide vision, leadership, and direction for the mission and operations of Catholic schools in the Diocese of Lincoln.

The Superintendent oversees the Diocesan Education Office, develops policy recommendations to assist the bishop in governing the operations of Catholic schools, and supports school administrators in the exercise of their duties.

The Superintendent leads initiatives to assess the ministry of Catholic education in the Diocese of Lincoln, and to plan for continued success and growth of Catholics schools in the Diocese of Lincoln.

The Superintendent oversees school curricula, provides opportunities for continuing formation and leadership development for Catholic School leaders, assists in the recruitment and hiring of school leadership staff, serves as a liaison with public entities and community stakeholders, promotes effective communications within and about Catholic schools, and encourages and facilitates faithful Catholic formation of students and staff.

The Superintendent of Education meets weekly with the bishop to provide advice and counsel regarding the governance of the diocese, particularly with regard to the apostolate of Catholic education.

The Superintendent is the direct supervisor of the personnel of the Diocesan Education Office.

The Superintendent will have additional responsibilities as outlined in the Diocesan School Policy Handbook.

The Superintendent reports to the Moderator of the Curia with guidance and support from the Vicar for Education.


Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to Marsha-Bartek@lincolndiocese.org